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Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor

Mythbusters: addressing common misconceptions around AI in business
By Jon Taylor on 14/08/19 08:49
Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly prevalent role in modern business, and the benefits of being able to successfully leverage the technology speak for themselves; AI-powered ...
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Using AI to overcome food and beverage supply chain challenges
By Jon Taylor on 16/07/19 16:44
In the ever-changing, increasingly-competitive food and beverages sector, those companies who are setting the pace are using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive sustainable business growth, ...
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Shaping the future of fitness: using AI to enhance the member experience
By Jon Taylor on 27/06/19 11:11
With a total market value of £5.1 billion and over 200 new facilities opening each year, the UK fitness sector “is enjoying a golden period of growth and exciting development,” according to Director ...
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The rise of AI for American retail
By Jon Taylor on 12/04/19 11:31
2019 is a transitional year for US retail. Market turbulence and an ever-changing consumer landscape mean that retailers need to be more proactive and forward-thinking than ever in order to drive ...
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Auto dealerships: here's how AI can increase car sales
By Jon Taylor on 15/03/19 16:00
No matter the industry, and no matter what it is that you're selling, customers' relationships with brands are changing. They're becoming an ongoing conversation with multiple interactions and ...
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How can AI impact car dealerships?
By Jon Taylor on 14/01/19 16:24
With sales levels down and profits being squeezed, 2019 could be yet another challenging year for UK automotive businesses. For car dealerships in particular, changing consumer behaviours and ...
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Peak to sponsor WIRED Smarter 2018
By Jon Taylor on 13/09/18 11:03
Peak is delighted to announce that it will sponsor this year's WIRED Smarter event, the one-day, multi-tracked conference which focuses on the challenges directly facing the retail, energy and money ...
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World Cup 2018: Data, facts and stats
By Jon Taylor on 13/06/18 15:49
Get your car flags and office sweepstake kits ready - the World Cup is here! A month like no other in the football calendar, the FIFA showpiece competition has been capturing the imagination of ...
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10 quotes about AI and retail (by people who know a thing or two about AI and retail)
By Jon Taylor on 06/04/18 15:17
For those of you who read our previous blog - "Retail's biggest challenges (and why AI is the answer)" - you're probably pretty clear on our stance on using artificial intelligence to drive results ...
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Retail's biggest challenges (and why AI is the answer)
By Jon Taylor on 19/03/18 14:42
At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that the retail industry hasn’t enjoyed the best start to 2018. The unfortunate plights of Toys R Us, Maplin et al have dominated the headlines in ...
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