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Martin Sutton

Martin Sutton

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How AI can help salespeople sell more
By Martin Sutton on 05/03/18 11:01
Artificial intelligence. It’s a hot topic at the moment, but ask the majority of people to explain what it actually means in a sentence, and they’ll more than likely struggle. For many, the mention ...
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Artificial intelligence: AI + humans is the winning formula
By Martin Sutton on 29/09/17 09:25
Today, the media is awash with stories about how artificial intelligence (AI) and robots might make us all redundant in the future. If you're a taxi driver, for example, the emergence of driverless ...
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How to use predictive analytics in business to beat your competition
By Martin Sutton on 15/08/17 12:26
For those of us who can’t see into the future – so seven billion of us or so – making predictions has traditionally relied upon experience, judgement and instinct. Humans are geared up to do a lot of ...
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