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Richard Potter

Richard Potter

CEO at Peak
5 (more) examples of AI for retail in practice
By Richard Potter on 21/01/19 11:48
A couple of weeks ago I shared five interesting examples of how retailers can utilise artificial intelligence (AI) in practice, in a way that helps them to optimise their businesses and drive growth. ...
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5 examples of AI for retail in practice
By Richard Potter on 08/01/19 17:21
The new year is upon us, and retail titles are currently awash with countless articles around predictions and things we can expect for the industry in 2019. As you might have guessed, artificial ...
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Watch: an introduction to the Peak AI System
By Richard Potter on 31/08/18 17:08
Something that businesses don't always understand is that it's their data that is their biggest asset. To achieve success in today's market, they need to be able to protect and harness that data to ...
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Peak: bringing the future of retail and Artificial Intelligence to New York
By Richard Potter on 23/07/18 11:22
We love milestones at Peak, so it was a proud moment hosting our first ever public event this week, in association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in New York City. “Artificial Intelligence: Powering ...
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UK retail: The state of the nation
By Richard Potter on 11/07/18 15:08
Here at Peak, we’ve found ourselves working with more and more retailers since we launched our AI service back in September 2016. We’ve been at the forefront of AI adoption from that point onwards, ...
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AI: Driving the new retail revolution
By Richard Potter on 23/05/18 17:12
What was once the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence is transforming the business landscape as we know it. And it’s growing as insights-driven businesses grow eight times faster than ...
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Richard Potter: 4 key takeaways from SaaStr 2018
By Richard Potter on 19/02/18 10:33
Earlier this month I spent a few days in sunny San Francisco, attending the annual SaaStr conference. For those of you unaware, SaaStr is arguably the biggest industry event of the year; I was one of ...
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Just a heads up, AI does lead scoring better than your sales team
By Richard Potter on 07/12/17 12:15
Have you ever looked at the menu in a restaurant and thought, “these dishes all sound nice, how will I decide which to have? I wonder how fresh the fish is? And where the lamb is sourced from? And ...
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Customer segmentation: how data dictators divide and conquer
By Richard Potter on 05/12/17 10:00
Call us bleeding-heart liberals, but we’re generally not big fans of dictators in human societies. We’re all for people weighing up the pros and cons of different stances, making a decision of their ...
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Hey, Elon Musk! We can improve your supply chain risk monitoring
By Richard Potter on 28/11/17 10:05
Elon Musk is quite an individual. The guy is revolutionising electric cars, energy storage and solar power with Tesla, space transportation with SpaceX and tunnelling speed with The Boring Company. ...
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