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Richard Potter

Richard Potter

CEO at Peak
Hey, Elon Musk! We can improve your supply chain risk monitoring
By Richard Potter on 28/11/17 10:05
Elon Musk is quite an individual. The guy is revolutionising electric cars, energy storage and solar power with Tesla, space transportation with SpaceX and tunnelling speed with The Boring Company. ...
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We're coining a phrase: predictive analytics sales forecasting
By Richard Potter on 30/08/17 11:08
The best bit about knowing when you’re going to make a sale is when it actually happens and you’re fully prepared to bathe in the glory. Sadly, as humans, we’re pretty terrible at judging this. In ...
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What is predictive analytics & why should I give a hoot?
By Richard Potter on 03/08/17 15:39
Some words and phrases at work make people’s eyes glaze over. “Presentation,” for example, and “expenses form,” amongst other things! “Analytics” is in danger of becoming one of those phrases. When ...
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