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Data Science

Getting data science out of the lab and into production

By Tom Liptrot on 29/11/18 16:05
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Tom Liptrot

More and more enterprises are beginning to realise that artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be one of the most important technologies in the future of modern business. Every business is going to need it to use in order to develop and, as a result, we’re starting to see a growing number of companies make an attempt to dip their toe in the AI water.

They’ve taken the correct first steps and set up data science teams, but often struggle to see any impact from them. In fact, these small, newly set up teams tend to build nothing more than interesting prototypes that – unfortunately – never really make it out of the lab.

Data scientists at these companies can often get frustrated, having to deal with limited IT resources and functions that don’t understand or meet their needs and requirements. On top of this, governance and security issues can make access to data difficult and challenging.

Building robust, scalable models that work in production is beyond the skillset of most data science teams and, if they do manage to get their models into production, they are often fragile and hard to maintain.

In short, without extensive support from multiple engineers, their data projects never really get off the ground. As a result, these companies don’t get to enjoy the tangible benefits that come with being AI-driven.

That’s why Peak is here, and why we have built the Peak Artificial Intelligence System.

It empowers data science teams of all sizes, enabling them to focus on what they are good at – solving problems, finding insights and building models – while the AI System takes care of all of the infrastructure.

The cloud-based, self-service platform allows data scientists at all levels to set up data ingestion feeds from a wide variety of sources, quickly and easily. It also enables them to build and deploy APIs at scale and at speed, and to set up and manage models which can solve complex business problems.

We’re delighted to now be introducing the future of enterprise AI to the industry, making our platform available to you with the launch of a new public beta programme. The Peak AI System is now open for any data scientist, data science team or engineering team to use, trial and provide feedback on, allowing us to further refine and build upon the platform over time.

Register your interest in Peak AI PaaS (beta) here.