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Happy International Women's Day!

By Lucy Tannahill on 08/03/18 12:53
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Lucy Tannahill

At Peak, we're incredibly proud of our culture and our values. As a forward-thinking company operating in an exciting and fast-moving space, our commitment to diversity and our belief in inclusivity and openness are key reasons for our continuous growth and the success we've already enjoyed as a business. 

As it's International Women's Day, I thought it'd be a great time to share with you some of our beliefs when it comes to women in the workplace, and our ongoing commitment to increasing our percentage of female staff across the business.

Currently, across the entire company, women make up 17% of our overall workforce. Whilst we're in line with the national average when compared to the rest of the tech industry, we want to do more.

Our ambitions to continue to scale and our hiring strategy have seen us set some very clear targets in terms of welcoming more women to the business. Initially, we are aiming to increase our female talent by 50%, with the aim of being at least 26% female by 2020.

We're in the process of developing a thorough D&I (diversity and inclusion) strategy to help us achieve this; we'll be sharing it on our website www.peak.ai and will track our progress against our target for ultimate transparency. 

To celebrate the important role that women play at Peak, we've compiled a selection of quotes from some of the female members of the team about why they love working here. Also included is a statement from our CEO Richard Potter, which I feel sums up our beliefs and values rather nicely...

Kirsty Parsons, Data Scientist: "What I love about working at Peak is the amazingly equal amount of support, collaboration and encouragement across genders in the workplace. It's both energising and motivating me to produce work beyond what I thought I could do."

Lauren Rodgers, Data Scientist: "I love working at Peak because it enables me to be at the forefront of AI as a female data scientist. I'm surrounded by a strong team and have access to a great breadth of knowledge - we are one big family."

Kaylea Haynes, Data Scientist: "Peak gives me the opportunity to work with really brilliant people to do really great things with data. I'm constantly encouraged, supported and inspired to push the boundaries on what is possible in a diverse range of data science problems."

Amy Szadziewska, Data Scientist: "I love working at Peak because I learn something new every day. The collaborative and open environment at Peak HQ means everyone is constantly sharing innovative and exciting ways we can use data to solve business problems, allowing individuals and the company as a whole to thrive and create great work."

Richard Potter, CEO: "Peak was founded on values of inclusivity and openness, and that extends to how we grow our workforce and empower our teams. Specifically, we believe that diversity is essential in creating a high performance team and culture at Peak, as well as building great products for our customers." 

We're always looking to welcome on board new talent at Peak, female or male. If you're interested in joining our growing team, you can view our current job vacancies here.