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Ooh, a shiny new website!

By Richard Ferrar on 30/10/17 10:27
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Richard Ferrar


It’s been a busy old time at Peak HQ of late. As well as securing £2.5m in Series A funding and beginning work with many new clients, we’ve also been creating a brand new website. New websites don’t always warrant a celebratory blog post, but we think this one’s important as it reflects the company we’ve become.

When we launched Peak in 2014, we did so because we believed that no-one else was doing data analytics quite right. Although there were loads of data analytics companies out there, they were each only doing one part of the analytics process. We wanted to offer something different: a subscription-based, end-to-end service that allowed us to give our clients full, 360-degree support to help grow their businesses continually.

Since then, we've been named one of the ‘top tech start-ups in the UK’ by Tech North in 2015, won the highly-coveted 'Northern Stars' competition, opened a development centre in Jaipur, India, in 2016 and now count companies like Morrisons, AstraZeneca and The Economist among our growing client list.

The launch of our new website marks the next step of our journey, but it’s just the visible face of a huge amount of work that’s been going on behind the scenes at Peak. Included within that is refined messaging, a rationalised service set, a new approach to business development and the implementation of exciting new technologies.

New Website

Our new site is designed to convey more clearly what we do and how we do it. It’s easier to navigate, more clearly laid out and filterable, so that visitors can see the content that is relevant to them. There’s also a greater emphasis on this content, with client stories providing a look at the work we do and a new blog that gives insights into the fast-moving world of technology and data.

Why Peak.ai?

Artificial intelligence is at the core of everything that we do here at Peak. Because of this, we've decided to change our website domain, making the the transition from Peak.bi to Peak.ai. Changing just one letter might not seem like much of a big deal, but it's a change that will give us an online identity that is a better represenation of who we are and what we do.

Refined Messaging

Returning visitors to our website may have found it easier to understand, too. That’s because we’ve reviewed how we talk about what we do. Using data to help grow businesses isn’t a complicated concept, but technical language and jargon can often make it seem like it is. We think everyone should be able to do great things with data, so we’ll talk about it in terms that everyone can understand.




Rationalised Services

As we’d grown, our solutions had become more sprawling, sitting together uncomfortably in some places and overlapping in others. We’ve rejigged them so they make a bit more sense with solutions targeting specific business outcomes and results. Our clients pay per solution, each of which can be deployed rapidly and delivers a high return on investment. All of our data solutions now sit within the following:




Business Development

We’ve been fortunate since we launched to have won a lot of business through referrals. And by fortunate, I mean we’ve worked very hard to be great at what we do. Getting lots of referrals is always pleasing, because it means your clients are delighted with the work you’ve been doing. It’s not a sustainable business model, though. So, to begin generating a more predictable and controllable timeline, we’ve begun using our experience and expertise to produce advice and guidance for businesses. In this way, we can make contacts, while helping other organisations along the way.


The tech we’re using may not be of much significance beyond our walls, but we’re always interested to know what other organisations are using to see if it could be any use to us. As such, we thought we’d share some of the tech that’s helping us deliver our services. The new site is built in Wordpress (nothing revolutionary there) and was prototyped using the InVision platform. We use Hotjar heatmaps to see where visitors are clicking and the site is supported by the Hubspot marketing and sales platform.

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