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AI's role in driving sustainability in retail
By Mylo Portas on 15/08/19 10:03
Sustainability in retail has been a hot topic for a number of years, but now more so than ever. With modern customers expecting more transparency from the brands they choose to shop from, retailers ...
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Mythbusters: addressing common misconceptions around AI in business
By Jon Taylor on 14/08/19 08:49
Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly prevalent role in modern business, and the benefits of being able to successfully leverage the technology speak for themselves; AI-powered ...
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Watch: What matters in fashion (and how AI can help!)
By Mylo Portas on 18/07/19 11:48
In this vlog, Peak's Head of Retail Mylo Portas sums up how he believes fashion brands can be successful in the modern era, and the ways that AI can help this process. He discusses three key points ...
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Using AI to overcome food and beverage supply chain challenges
By Jon Taylor on 16/07/19 16:44
In the ever-changing, increasingly-competitive food and beverages sector, those companies who are setting the pace are using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive sustainable business growth, ...
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The AI and data science terminology you need to know
By Stuart Davie on 15/07/19 16:18
Artificial intelligence. You’re probably hearing these two words more and more in a business setting, not to mention in your everyday life. From asking Siri to skip that annoying song that somehow ...
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Shaping the future of fitness: using AI to enhance the member experience
By Jon Taylor on 27/06/19 11:11
With a total market value of £5.1 billion and over 200 new facilities opening each year, the UK fitness sector “is enjoying a golden period of growth and exciting development,” according to Director ...
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Footasylum outperforms industry with AI-driven social marketing strategy
By Richard Ferrar on 07/05/19 13:41
PRESS RELEASE: Leading footwear fashion retailer Footasylum PLC (‘Footasylum’) is reaping the reward of being an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven retailer, reporting a return on advertising spend ...
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Artificial intelligence for builders' merchants: laying the foundations for success
By Mark Perkins on 23/04/19 13:57
Modern businesses are embarking on transformation projects to drive growth, optimise processes, improve efficiencies and ensure their futures. Innovative B2C retailers are leading by example on this ...
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The rise of AI for American retail
By Jon Taylor on 12/04/19 11:31
2019 is a transitional year for US retail. Market turbulence and an ever-changing consumer landscape mean that retailers need to be more proactive and forward-thinking than ever in order to drive ...
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Retail: February's sales stats and the rise of AI for omnichannel
By Mylo Portas on 21/03/19 13:45
The latest retail statistics from the ONS, released this morning, show a continued period of growth for the sector as a whole. Online sales continue to dominate, with a year-on-year increase of 9.4% ...
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