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Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of consumer behaviour
By Kaylea Haynes on 18/01/18 11:29
At times, it can feel like consumers will say one thing and do another. That’s because, every now and then, that’s exactly what they do. A few years ago, Quartz published a piece declaring that ...
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You don’t need to worry about GDPR compliance – we’ll do it for you
By Tom Hassall on 11/01/18 09:58
G, D, P and R. Four letters that are terrifying companies across Europe and beyond. The General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force on 25 May, is the EU’s new measure for protecting ...
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Analysis: business confidence shows few Brexit blues so far
By Abhinav Singh on 03/10/17 10:20
In October 2017, the Conservative party conference was held in Peak’s home city of Manchester, UK. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the topic that dominated proceedings, visitors to the city weren't ...
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