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Watch: Peak in retail
By Mylo Portas on 26/09/18 11:11
"The time for artificial intelligence is now, and all retailers have the data that they need to power AI. You might have read it in the papers, but trust me - it's not all doom and gloom for ...
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Peak Vlog: 5 data & AI questions our clients love to ask
By Robert Bainbridge on 17/09/18 10:59
Peak's Rob Bainbridge is back with another vlog! This time, by popular demand, Rob answers five of the most common questions we get asked by our customers and clients around data and artificial ...
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Watch: an introduction to the Peak AI System
By Richard Potter on 31/08/18 17:08
Something that businesses don't always understand is that it's their data that is their biggest asset. To achieve success in today's market, they need to be able to protect and harness that data to ...
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Peak Vlog: What is AI and how can it grow my business?
By Kaylea Haynes on 06/08/18 16:03
We may be biased, but it's fair to say that artificial intelligence is something of a hot topic at the moment, especially for businesses. But, what does AI actually mean? And, more importantly, how ...
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10 quotes about AI and retail (by people who know a thing or two about AI and retail)
By Jon Taylor on 06/04/18 15:17
For those of you who read our previous blog - "Retail's biggest challenges (and why AI is the answer)" - you're probably pretty clear on our stance on using artificial intelligence to drive results ...
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Retail's biggest challenges (and why AI is the answer)
By Jon Taylor on 19/03/18 14:42
At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that the retail industry hasn’t enjoyed the best start to 2018. The unfortunate plights of Toys R Us, Maplin et al have dominated the headlines in ...
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Peak Vlog: AI isn't the future, it's happening now
By Robert Bainbridge on 09/03/18 11:36
 Peak's Rob Bainbridge looks at the way that artificial intelligence is currently being portrayed in the media, and discusses the many ways that AI can be used for good and improve things for ...
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How AI can help salespeople sell more
By Martin Sutton on 05/03/18 11:01
Artificial intelligence. It’s a hot topic at the moment, but ask the majority of people to explain what it actually means in a sentence, and they’ll more than likely struggle. For many, the mention ...
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Richard Potter: 4 key takeaways from SaaStr 2018
By Richard Potter on 19/02/18 10:33
Earlier this month I spent a few days in sunny San Francisco, attending the annual SaaStr conference. For those of you unaware, SaaStr is arguably the biggest industry event of the year; I was one of ...
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Love is in the air: AI, apps and matchmaking
By Jon Taylor on 13/02/18 14:12
Ah, Valentine's Day. There's a lot that springs to mind when it comes to 14 February; flowers, chocolates, impossible-to-book restaurants and just about every Hugh Grant movie ever made being just a ...
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